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Earn the NTPI Fellow designation




What Is NTPI?

The 全国税务实践学会 (NTPI®) is a three-level program designed to prepare tax professionals for a career in tax representation. 每个级别的课程, the core curriculum enables participants to expand their knowledge and skills, and gain the confidence needed to successfully guide their clients through the often-challenging maze of IRS codes, internal regulations, and agency structure. Please note that this program is open only to enrolled agents, CPAs, and tax attorneys.

完成第一关的玩家, 2, 并获得NTPI Fellow®的荣誉, 由全国顶级税务从业人员持有的称号.


NAEA’s 2024 全国税务实践学会: Level 1 will be offered this summer, July 14 – 17, 2024. Experience Level 1 and connect with current fellows and those starting the NTPI Program. 第2级可按需提供, 第三级将于11月13日至15日由NAEA主办, 2024 in Washington, DC.

Who Should Enroll?

Tax professionals looking to expand their careers or expand their practices by representing clients in front of the IRS. In order to enroll in the 全国税务实践学会™ (NTPI®), 你必须是注册代理人*, CPA, or tax attorney. These are the only three professional groups that have full rights of representation before the IRS. That means that not only can you speak directly to the IRS regarding your client’s taxes without them being present, 你将代表他们参加国税局的审计, collection, or appeal process.

What Is NTPI?

Curriculum Breakdown

The process of becoming an NTPI Fellow often takes several years, 但学习并不止于此. As a whole, NTPI Fellows are individuals who exceed IRS’ minimum standard for continuing education and are dedicated to staying on top of the latest changes to the tax code. Many NTPI Fellows participate annually in NTPI’s Graduate Level courses in Representation because they don’t want to miss a thing.

Level 1 Curriculum

*Did you start Level 1 at the 2020 EA Digital Forum or Representation Academy? 找出如何完成你的过程 here.

L1.01.21 -代表简介-(2行政长官)
L1.02.21 -诉讼时效(SOLs) - (2 CE)
L1.03.21 -国税局审查程序- (2 CE)
L1.04.21 -黄金城电子娱乐网址国税局的收款程序- (2 CE)
L1.05.21 -黄金城电子娱乐网址国税局成绩单分析- (2 CE)
L1.06.非申报者和SFR评估- (2 CE)
L1.07.21 -考试简介(二级CE)
L1.08.21 -收集方案概述-(1行政长官)
L1.09.21 -基本分期付款协议-(1行政长官)
L1.10.21 -财务分析程序-(2行政长官)
L1.11.21 -道德(一级)-(二级行政考试)
L1.12.21 -管理客户机密资料- (2 CE)
L1.13.顶点课程(Level 1) - (2 CE)

在NTPI 1级结束时, a participant will be able to successfully complete the following engagements.

  • Review a taxpayer’s IRS transcripts and case data to determine appropriate resolution strategies.
  • 让一个不申报的人遵守规定.
  • 解决自动承保通知,例如通知CP2000.
  • Establish a guaranteed or streamlined installment agreement for a taxpayer.
  • 使用第一次减刑程序申请减刑.

Level 2 Curriculum

L2.01.21 -《黄金城电子娱乐网址》要求(1 CE) 
L2.02.21 -内部收入手册(1行政长官) 
L2.03.21 -审核重审程序(2 CE) 
L2.04.21 -办公室审计个案研究(2行政长官) 
L2.05.21 -强制征收行动(2行政长官) 
L2.06.21 -妥协方案(2 CE) 
L2.07.21 -催收上诉(2行政长官) 
L2.08.21 -考试上诉(2行政长官) 
L2.09.21 -减罚策略(2行政长官)
L2.10.21 -业务表示简介(2行政长官)
L2.11.21 -道德(二级)(2 CE) 
L2.12.21 -案例管理策略(2 NAEA CPE) 
L2.13.顶点课程(Level 2) (2 CE)  

在NTPI第二级结束时, a participant will be able to successfully complete the following engagements.

  • Determine the best way to challenge an existing audit assessment. 
  • Determine which collection appeal option is appropriate for a taxpayer. 
  • 为纳税人开征税款. 
  • 确定最佳减刑方法并提出请求. 
  • 为纳税人提交一份妥协提议. 
  • 在办公室考试中代表客户. 

Level 3 Curriculum

*Did you start Level 3 at the 2020 EA Digital or Representation Academy? 找出如何完成你的过程 here.

L3.01.22 – 高级财务分析(2 CE)
L3.02.22 – 追讨信托基金罚款程序(2行政长官)
L3.03.22 – 刑事税概论(1行政长官)
L3.04.22 – 破产及税务(行政长官1)
L3.05.22 -留置权防御(2 CE)
L3.06.22 -配偶宽免(2行政长官)
L3.07.22 -商业实体审查事宜(2 CE)
L3.08.22 – 税务研究及资源(2行政长官)
L3.09.22 – 提前上诉(2行政长官)
L3.10.22 -实地审核个案研究(2 CE)
L3.11.22 -市场营销(2 NAEA CE)
L3.12.22 – Ethics (Level 3)
L3.13.22 – Capstone Course (Level 3) (2 CE) 

在NTPI第3级结束时, a participant will be able to successfully complete the following engagements.

  • Challenge a taxpayer’s liability for a tax assessment or unpaid balance with an 无辜配偶辩护. 
  • Represent a taxpayer in an IRS field examination with a revenue agent. 
  • 对联邦税收留置权通知的发布提出异议. 
  • 对信托基金追回罚款的抗辩责任. 
  • Partner with an attorney on bankruptcy cases with tax components. 

NTPI Level 3 will be offered in person in Washington, DC from November 12-15, 2024.

Grad Level Curriculum

高级藏品案例研究(2 CE)
实践管理与营销(2 NAEA CE)
Ethics (2 CE)
Four electives (8 CE) 

Program Requirements

已经开始了你的NTPI同伴之旅, 无论是面对面还是虚拟的, 并想知道如何完成它? See the detailed requirements page for those that have already started their NTPI journey here.

报名参加国家税务实践学院™(NTPI®), 你必须是注册代理人, CPA, or tax attorney. Participants must finish all three levels to receive the designation.

完成所有三个NTPI关卡? Let us know and get the most up to date information on graduation events. Fill out the NTPI Graduation Form.


Every quarter, we offer exclusive webinars for NTPI Fellows and those in the pipeline. Join your Fellow cohort in watching the NTPI Ask the Expert webinar, 在NTPI成员圆桌会议上进行联系, 并在研究生网络研讨会上提高你的技能. 这些是为NTPI研究员提供的免费或打折的网络研讨会.

Current NTPI Fellows


NTPI Graduation

完成所有三个NTPI关卡? Let us know and get the most up-to-date information on graduation events. Fill out the NTPI Graduation Form.

Continuing Education

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